Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is commercial casework?

    Commercial casework cabinetry is wood or melamine-based cabinetry that specializes in commercial uses. This type of cabinetry is typically used in restaurants, hotels, bars, retail stores, and other places of business. It requires high-quality wood and laminate that can withstand heavy use and wear. The wood must be carefully sanded and finished with a smooth surface to prevent damage caused by common spills. Commercial casework cabinetry is the perfect choice for any commercial setting due to its strength, durability and longevity.

  • What is melamine?

    Melamine is one type of material used in wood cabinetry and other wood products, such as furniture. It consists of a combination of resins and paper that is highly pressure-resistant with a low melamine content. This makes it an ideal choice for woodwork, as it has the strength to withstand daily wear and tear without cracking or scratching. The melamine finish also gives wood a glossy look, thanks to its special coatings applied during the manufacturing process. While typically associated with wood cabinetry, melamine can also be applied to other surfaces such as tiles and counters for an impressive, long lasting finish.

  • How do I add millwork to my workspace?

    Adding custom millwork to an existing workspace is a great way to give the space a more finished and polished look. The wood can come in various forms such as melamine, wood cabinetry, laminate and even wood veneers, which are suitable for all types of casegoods. Whatever choice you make, custom millwork can easily blend with your current workspace décor. Besides adding an aesthetic appeal, custom millwork also provides additional storage which can be very useful in organizing your space. Whether you decide to incorporate the wood in shelving units around the perimeter of the room or install custom cabinets below the work area, adding any millwork will lend a feeling of permanence and class to your existing workspace.

  • What are some of the best millwork tips and tricks?

    When tackling woodworking projects, millwork tips and tricks can make all the difference in getting a professional-looking result. From wood to melamine, cabinetry and laminate, knowing how to work with different materials is essential. 
    1.) For wood, making sure you have the appropriate tools for cutting and sanding are key for achieving a quality end product.2.) Make your measurements precise to ensure everything fits together perfectly; this will prevent any costly errors.3.) Laminate and melamine require sharp blades for cutting smooth edges on board surfaces; following installation guidelines strictly will ensure each piece fits together snugly for a polished look. 4.) Working with cabinetry requires measuring three times to guarantee accurate placement; cinch screws in place prior to finalizing layout to save time later down the line. 
    All of these tips and tricks come together to help woodworkers create beautiful millwork that looks like a million bucks.

  • How can CAM Millwork help me in my next project?

    If you’re looking for a reliable wood shop to fulfill your millwork needs, then CAM Millwork is the perfect place for you. We offer a wide variety of wood and melamine products like cabinetry and laminate countertops that provide custom solutions for any space. Our precision craftsmanship and attention to detail have helped us to become the preferred custom millwork manufacturer by customers around the area. No matter if you are looking to install new laminated cabinetry or update your kitchen with modern laminate surfaces, our highly-quantified workers will be able to customize our services to fit your specific millwork needs. Submit your RFQ here!